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Interesting Film Web Sites, Blogs and Databases


Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research is a massive repository of animation history and arcana.


Awards Heaven — Bookmakers, of a sort, on the annual Academy Awards race, handicapping potential nominees, with an Aussie bias.

Awards season would be unthinkable without In Contention. It's that thorough and addictive.

There is also the Los Angeles Times' The Envelope.

Fan-ish Stuff

Ain't It Cool News — All hail Austin's Harry Knowles.

Cinematreasures.org — Minutae and remembrances of movie theatres, past and present.

366weirdmovies.com — Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, psychotronic, and the just plain weird.

Film History, Auterism, and Other Pointy-Headed Stuff

The Criterion Collection's On Five.

The Palace — A treasure trove of film stills, posters and articles on classic Hollywood pictures from the 1920s on, rich with history and exceptionally well-designed, with the kind of glamorous portraiture that Hollywood has forgotten how to photograph.

Not a Movie Poster — Alternate film one-sheets by various designers. Better than the ones actually used? You be the judge.

Senses of Cinema

Just the Facts

Internet Movie Database / Search Page — Indispensible.

Movie Review Query Engine — A hub for reviews in on-line newspapers, magazines, fan sites, etc., as well as compilations of critics' "Best of" lists.

IMP Awards — Contains a humongous collection of movie key art.

The British site Screenrush has a great collection of movie stills.

Online Magazines

American Cinematographer — House mag of the ASC.

Empire — Cheeky British movie mag.

Film Comment — Much less cheeky US movie mag.

Film Threat — And you thought Empire was cheeky.

Filmmakers Magazine

Indiewire features Indiewire Blogs — A plethora of links to fun and fascinating film blogs.

Video Watchdog — A Bible for schlock cinema.


Simply Scripts is just that.

Techie Stuff

The American Widescreen Museum — A respository of information on wide gauge film formats, sound systems and color.

Art of the Guillotine — Cuts to the chase in its examination of the editor's art and craft.

Cinefex — The premier journal for special effects production in films, TV and advertising.

Steadishots.org — A tribute to Steadicam operators and their work.

Title Sequences

Sometimes a film's title sequence knocks you out, and it's downhill from there. The Art of the Title Sequence — Celebrates the best and most inventive of this sub-genre of filmmaking.

So does Forget the Film, Watch the Titles.

Steven Hill's Movie Title Screens Page features more than three thousand screen shots of movie title designs.

Movie Title Screenshots Database has oodles more.

The Movie Title Stills Collection is another source.

There is even a Flickr group, Title Screenshots.


THE PANTHEON — Glenn Norton offers his take on the 25 top directors of all time.

Woody Allen — An attractive site in Polish! also has English translations available, with links to articles. www.woodyallen.com is another handy site, all the way from Iceland.

Tex AveryThe Tex Avery Tribute has loads of screen shots of Avery's trademark wolves and babes.

Ingmar BergmanBergmanorama (formerly The Magic Works of Ingmar Bergman) is a reminder of why.

John Cassavetes — Ray Carney's comprehensive testament to the fiercely independent filmmaker.

Joel and Ethan CoenCoenesque

Francis CoppolaTHE GODFATHER Trilogy, a shrine to the Corleone dynasty.

Atom EgoyanThe Egoyan Nucleus is a profile of the director of THE SWEET HEREAFTER.

Federico FelliniThe Fellini Internet Fan Club

Terry GilliamDreams: The Terry Gilliam Fanzine offers pages on virtually every Gilliam work, by Phil Stubbs. The Daily Llama features Python news by Hans Ten Cate.

Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock Wiki has all you could hope for on the master of suspense, including 1000 Frames Of Hitchcock — voluminous screen grabs from every Hitch film. There's also the site Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense.

Krzysztopf KieslowskiKino Kieslowski offers articles and pictures on the creator of DEKALOG and the TROIS COLEURS trilogy.

Stanley Kubrick — The Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide is a spot-on resource for text, images and audio clips and all other things Kubrickian.

David LynchThe Universe of David Lynch, The Lynch Link, and The City of Absurdity are a few fan sites that keep the fires burning.

Martin ScorseseScorsese And His Films

Film Music and Composers

FilmScore Monthly is Lukas Kendall's fine selection of articles, reviews, release information and links pertaining to film music, composers and collectors.

Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith Online and As Good As Goldsmith are two useful sources for information on the composer's work.

Bernard HerrmannThe Bernard Herrmann Web Pages is a well-designed, comprehensive and informative site devoted to who may be the medium's most influential composer, who has at the very least contributed the most famous (and, when you think about it, most appropos) musical cue of the 20th Century: the shrieking violins of PSYCHO.

Howard Shorehowardshore.com is an invaluable guide to the composer of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. And don't miss Doug Adams' blog, The Music of THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

John WilliamsThe John Williams Web Pages is a thorough appreciation of the composer's oeuvre, with the latest news, notes on his film, TV and concert recordings, biographical notes, etc.

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